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AWS Monthly Management

  • – Manage Virtual Servers
  • – Support storage service with Amazon Elastic
  • – Server Instance & App Migration
  • – Support Backup & Restore services
  • – Track and monitor resources

Starting at just $75.75/month

Services managed by our experts More than 100 companies have trust on us

Ec2/Light Sail

Deploy windows and linux virtual instances in few seconds . Support Auto- scaling compute services

Networking & Content Delivery

Provide support on Route 53, Cloud Front, Elastic Load balancer.

Cloud Storage

We able to configure S3, Amazon EBS, Elastic File System and Glacier.

Mobile Services

Build, Test and deploy Android and IOS mobile app as well as enable push Notification service.

Amazon RDS

Managed Relational Database Services for MySQL,PostgreSQL, SQL Server, Mario Db .

Migration Services

Manage migration of on premises servers, applications and databases on aws.

Security, Identity & Compliance

Manage AWS identity and access management as well as access permissions.

Backup Services

Simple and reliable snapshot and image backup on cloud. also schedule daily snapshot backup .

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