AWS Management in UAE

Serversctrl is Consistent partner with so many companies because we keep continuously monitoring your website ; keep you safe from viruses and malware attacks; gives you best security with faster access; support auto – scaling services; provides secure VPN connection; remotely backup on regular basis with high performance and etc .

Serversctrl ensures you to deliver well managed AWS management services in UAE. Get fast resolution with technical team who are supporting you 24*7 online. Technical team is AWS certified and have experience of 9 years that will help you to access managed services and auto-scaling resources with quick resolution. Serversctrl will help you to distribute your traffic through Load Balancer so that you can easily access the data.

Azure Management in UAE

We are protecting you from damage and disaster loss data . In addition to recovery, we are giving you cloud backup also. Serversctrl always gives you high speed and best performance to take cloud backup; track migrates with minimal downtime; Protects application from malware attacks and etc.

Serverctrl guarantees you 99.9% uptime so that your customer don’t have to wait for the information. Generate a ticket from client area portal and get solution within 6 hours. Without management no company is leading, even planning also needs management. Ask your query and get helped by our experts who are certified in Azure services. No matter which platform support you want like for mobile app or for website, we will provide you ,better management, enhanced security to your data in UAE also. We keep monitoring your website and preparing daily reports